Opal was born and raised in Jamaica. She loves travelling and has lived in two other countries before settling in Toronto.

Everyone who knows Opal knows of her love and passion for food; her friends describe her as a foodie. She loves cooking and is inspired by wide range of food from different cultures. Despite her love for many different foods, patties is one of her favorite food.

A few years ago, Opal found herself craving patties and despite the abundance of patties in Toronto, she was unable to find a wholesome tasty patty, not a greasy snack, a patty that she could enjoy as a meal with a glass of wine. After an exhaustible search, she concluded that there is clearly a gap in the market which she was determined to fill. Despite being a good cook, Opal would not describe herself as a baker and had never baked patties or seen them baked before she came up with the idea of making patties, but she was open to the challenge of learning and soon became a self taugh patty maker.

Opal’s goal is to make patties accessible to every Canadian whether they know or like Jamaican food, in the same way pizza goes beyond its Italian heritage.

Prior to Stush Patties, Opal owned and operated home care company, Nowhere Like Home.